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  • Disposing of Your Mobile Device


    Mobile devices, such as smartphones, smart watches, and tablets, continue to advance and innovate at an astonishing rate. As a result, you may be replacing a new device as often as every year. Unfortunately, you may not realize just how much personal data are on your devices — far more than your computer. Below we cover the different types of data on your mobile devices and how you can securely wipe your device before disposing or replacing it. If your mobile device was issued to you by work, ch

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  • Counseling Home Buyers in a Tough Market

    12/05/22 / Tom Hazlett, SVP, Mortgage

    I’ve seen a lot of ups and downs in the market during my 30+ years in the mortgage industry but perhaps none more challenging than what we’re experiencing now. That’s not very comforting to buyers, sellers or my colleagues in the industry, I know.

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  • Browsers


    Browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, or Mozilla Firefox are one of the most common ways people interact with the Internet. We use them for reading the news, checking email, shopping online, watching videos, and playing games. As a result, browsers are also a target for cyber attackers.

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  • Tips for Managing Your Business in a Down Economy

    11/02/22 / RJ Cetnarowski

    It’s no secret the U.S. economic cycle has turned downward after many years of a booming economy. Inflation has slowed consumer spending. Supply chain disruptions continue to affect purchasing. The housing market has come to a virtual standstill.

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  • Emotional Triggers - How Cyber Attackers Trick You


    It all starts with emotions. We, as humans, far too often make decisions based on emotions instead of facts. There is, in fact, an entire field of study on this concept called “behavioral economics,” led by researchers such as Daniel Khaneman, Richard Thaler, and Cass Sunstein. Fortunately for us, if we know the emotional triggers to look for, we can successfully spot and stop most attacks. Listed below are the most common emotional triggers for which to watch. Sometimes cyber attackers will use

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  • New Market Bank Adds VP of Commercial Lending


    New Market Bank announced today it has hired RJ Cetnarowski as vice president of commercial lending. Cetnarowski brings nearly a decade of banking experience to the Lakeville location of the local, family-owned bank.

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  • Got Backups


    If you use a computer or mobile device long enough, sooner or later something will go wrong. You may accidentally delete the wrong files, have a hardware failure, or lose a device. Even worse, malware may infect and wipe or encrypt your files. At times like these, backups are often the only way you can rebuild your digital life.

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  • New Market Bank’s Drentlaw Honored for Nonprofit Board Service


    New Market Bank announced today that its President and CEO Anita Drentlaw, CPA has been recognized by Twin Cities Business magazine as a 2022 Notable Nonprofit Board Member. Drentlaw was nominated for her work as 2021-2022 chairman of BankIn Minnesota (formerly the Independent Community Bankers of Minnesota), her advocacy for the community banking industry at the state and federal level, and her service to several nonprofit, civic and industry associations. She was nominated by Jackie Herman, CF

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  • Charity & Disaster Scams


    Cyber criminals know that one of the best ways to rush people into making a mistake is by creating a heightened sense of urgency. And one of the easiest ways to create a sense of urgency is to take advantage of a crisis. This is why cyber criminals love it whenever there is a traumatic event with global impact. What most of us regard as a tragedy, cyber criminals view as an opportunity, such as the breakout of a war, a major natural disaster such as a volcanic explosion, and of course infectious

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  • Sharing is Important Life Skill

    07/12/22 / Karen Ramola

    My 2-year-old exhibits surprising (and adorable!) consideration for others at times. Grace will give her toys to other kids to play with and is a good helper at home. When I seem sad, she asks me, “Are you okay, mommy?” as she rubs my arm and stares at me. Then she says, “Mommy, I give you hug.”

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  • Phishing Attacks Are Getting Trickier


    Phishing attacks have become the most common method cyber attackers use to target people at work and at home. Phishing attacks have traditionally been emails sent by cyber attackers to trick you into doing something you should not do, such as opening an infected email attachment, clicking on a malicious link, or sharing your password. While traditional phishing attacks continue today, many cyber attackers are creating advanced phishing emails that are more customized and harder to detect. They a

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  • Learning from the Wisdom of a Centenarian

    06/24/22 / Anita Drentlaw

    Centenarians’ lifestyle habits are studied and reported on in books. Their secrets to a long and happy life are often quoted. The media cover their fetes, which many presume beyond the capabilities of someone their age. We are in awe of their wisdom and life experiences.

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  • Securely Gaming Online

    06/14/22 / Charles Goldner

    What makes online gaming so fun is that you can play and interact with others from anywhere in the world, often you don’t even know the people you are playing with. While the vast majority of people online are out to have fun just like you, there are those who want to cause harm.

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  • Smart Spending Habits Start with Understanding Needs Versus Wants

    06/13/22 / Karen Ramola

    “You don’t need it!” we often hear parents tell a child pleading for candy near the checkout lane. “But I waaaant it!” the child replies in a whiny voice.

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  • Shared DNA Allows New Market Bank to Grow in Prior Lake

    05/31/22 / Anita Drentlaw

    Fifteen years ago this month, New Market Bank opened in Prior Lake. Anytime a small community bank like ours adds a new branch, you can bet it’s not a decision taken lightly. It’s likely a leap of faith taken after crunching numbers and lots of discussion among leaders and board members.

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  • Save, Spend, Share: Saving Teaches Kids Many Valuable Lessons

    05/10/22 / Karen Ramola

    “A penny saved is a penny earned,” doesn’t mean much in a world of digital payments and credit card transactions. But for kids without cellphones, checking accounts or credit, coins and dollar bills are tangible tools for learning about saving, spending and sharing as well as counting, addition and subtraction, goal setting, decision-making, prioritization and delayed gratification.

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  • Financial Literacy is Key to Effective Money Management for Youth

    04/12/22 / Karen Ramola

    Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan once stated, “Financial education is a process that should begin at an early age and continue throughout life. This cumulative process builds the skills necessary for making critical financial decisions.”

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  • Top Three Social Media Scams


    While social media is a fantastic way to communicate, share, and have fun with others, it is also a low-cost way for cyber criminals to trick and take advantage of millions of people. Don't fall victim to the three most common scams on social media.

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  • The State of Community Banking in 2022 and Why You Should Care

    04/04/22 / Anita Drentlaw, CPA

    In honor of Community Banking Month in April, I want to share my thoughts on the “state of community banking.” Those outside our industry may wonder, “why should I care?”. If you care about small businesses, then I would argue you should care about community banks and our viability. We are small businesses and we are a lifeline to the small businesses lining Main Streets throughout our country.

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  • Learn a New Survival Skill: Spotting Deepfakes


    The word "deepfake" is a combination of "deep learning" and "fake." Deepfakes are falsified pictures, videos, or audio recordings. Sometimes the people in them are computer-generated, fake identities that look and sound like they could be real people. Sometimes the people are real, but their images and voices are manipulated into doing and saying things they didn’t do or say. For example, a deepfake video could be used to recreate a celebrity or politician saying something they never said. Using

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