Don't let the thought of switching banks keep you from getting the outstanding products and exceptional service you deserve. Follow these six easy steps in switching your current bank account over to New Market Bank.  We want to be your community bank.

1. Open your new account with New Market Bank.  Come in to any of our 3 locations to open your account.  If you have any questions please feel free to call (952) 469-1600 and ask to speak to a Customer Service Representative. Click here for Personal and Business New Account Applications.

2. Record any deposits and/or withdrawals that you have to change to your New Market Bank account.  Use this form to help record which money comes directly in or out of your current account.  This form will also help you to keep track of what companies you’ve contacted and the dates they expected to update your new bank information. Click here for Direct Deposit/Withdrawal Form.

3. Stop using your old account at your current bank.  Not using your old account, allows time for your checks to clear and automatic deposits and/or withdrawals to be switched.

4. Send written notice to all companies that you receive a direct deposit from.  Direct deposits are funds that automatically deposited into your account such as payroll, social security, retirement, pension payments, etc.  Use this form to help notify these companies. Click here for Direct Deposit Change Request Form.

5. Send written notice to all companies that are automatically withdrawing payments from your account.  Automatic withdrawals could include utility bills, insurance payments, mortgage payments, or loans that are automatically taken out of your account.  Use this form to help notify these companies. Click here for Automatic Payment Authorization Form.

6. Send written notice to your old bank to close your account.  This form may be used to help notify your old bank to close your account and send the remaining money to New Market Bank to be deposited.  Click here for Account Closing Letter Form.  Please note however that your old bank may require you to fill out their own form to close your account.