Debit Cards allow convenient access to your account at millions of merchants and ATMs across the world.  Debit Cards also allow more financial control with transactions showing within minutes of any purchase.  Add Online Banking and be connected to your account 24/7.

Digital Payments with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay

Enjoy a more convenient, safe and secure way to pay.  No matter how you choose to shop, your digital wallet makes it even easier to pay with your debit card.  Add your New Market Bank debit and business debit cards to your mobile phone’s digital wallet to use wherever Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay contactless payments are accepted. It is easy to set up and use:

  1. Click your mobile device platform to learn how to add a card to your digital wallet: Apple Pay | Google Pay | Samsung Pay
  2. When out shopping, look for the digital wallet symbol to pay with your digital wallet.

Open your digital wallet/pay app on your phone, verify your identity (with face ID or phone's security code) and scan the digital card that appears on your phone's screen.

Here's why you should set up your digital wallet today: 

Reduce Fraud

  • Your actual card number is not stored in your digital wallet and never used when you make a purchase
  • A separate token account number is assigned when you load your credentials to the wallet
  • Transaction information is encrypted for secure shopping
  • Payment codes are unique to every transaction, so they can’t be reused by a fraudster for another purchase
  • Your digital wallet is protected by your mobile device’s security settings, so only you can unlock it with your biometrics and passcodes

Save Time

  • Most purchases take just seconds to complete
  • Just hold your mobile device over the payment terminal at the store — checkout is a breeze
  • Pay in an instant when you shop online — simply choose your New Market Bank debit card from your digital wallet
  • You can also make quick in-app purchases with your digital wallet
  • Your digital wallet pulls in your credentials automatically — so you don’t have to look for your card or type in your information

Make Contactless Payments

  • You can make a safe, touch-free transaction with your debit card
  • There’s no need to present a physical card when you’re shopping in person
  • Simply hold your mobile device over the payment terminal and you’re done

ATM Access

New Market Bank believes accessing your account should be easy, and FREE.  Therefore we offer thousands of surcharge-free ATMs across the country.  Click here to find the one nearest you.  We also stand by that statement by waiving extra bank fees for using a non-bank operated ATM*.  

Savings Access

Let your Savings Account work for you.  Access your Regular or Premium Savings account** with any New Market Bank Debit Card attached to a checking account.

HSA Debit Card

HSA Debit Cards allow easy, direct access to your Health Savings Account to pay medical bills and expenses.  

Resetting your Debit Card PIN

Customers can reset their debit card PIN anytime of day.  Call 888-891-2435 to reset your PIN.

What happens if your debit card is lost or stolen?

New Market Bank is committed to minimizing the inconvenience that having your debit card lost or stolen has created.  These are simple instructions to help you resolve the situation.  Please contact us immediately once you notice your card is lost or stolen.

During business hours: 
Please call New Market Bank at 952-469-1600.  We are available to take your call Monday through Thursday from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Friday from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM and Saturday from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

After business hours: 
Please call our card provider directly at 1-888-297-3416.  Please do not email or call the bank directly to cancel your card as we want to make sure it is immediately cancelled to protect your account.  Then contact the bank during business hours to have your debit card reordered.

Debit Card Fraud

If you have been contacted by the Debit Card Fraud Center please:

  • reply to the text message you received, or
  • reply to the email message you received, or
  • respond to the voice message you received.  

These are the best methods to use when contacted by the Debit Card Fraud Center.  

*New Market Bank fee is waived at all ATMs in the US.  Customer may incur a fee from the company operating the ATM.  

**Debit Cards are not available with a Savings account only; a Checking account must be linked to request a Debit Card.  Only one Regular or Premium Savings account can be attached per card; Money Market accounts cannot be attached to a Debit Card.

New Market Bank Debit Cards