Remote Deposit

Depositing checks has never been so easy.  Image each check from your home or office with our online service and the checks are deposited directly into your account.

Remote Deposit is a great way to skip the daily bank run so you can concentrate on productivity at the office.  It is more secure than mailing in deposits and more convenient then sending with an employee at the end of the shift.

Small Business Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is a great service for you and for your employees.  You can skip printing and delivering each check.  And your employees can count on maximum availability of their money.

This service is perfect for small business with 150 or less employees. 

Click here and go to "Payments" to see a free demo on how easy paying your employees can be!

Large Business Direct Deposit

For larger companies, Direct Deposit is simple with our ACH Services.  You can upload payroll files and have your employees checks deposited within minutes.

ACH Services

ACH Services (also known as Automatic Clearing House) includes a range of services from Large Business Direct Deposit, to automatic debits agreements with your customers, to paying suppliers electronically.

Contact us today for more information on how this service can help your business.

Merchant Services

New Market Bank is partnered with UBB Merchant Services so your business can accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.  This partnership combines expert knowledge and competitive prices, with small bank service.