Seeking student loans to help pay for college or graduate school? Looking to consolidate your existing student loans?  We’ve partnered with College Ave Student Loans to provide students and families with private student loan options. They offer a range of options, flexible payment terms and a simple process to make it easy.


Undergraduate Loans

College Ave student loans can cover up to 100% of your cost of attendance1, including tuition, fees, books, housing and other college costs. They will match you with a loan you can live with – from repayment options that fit your monthly budget to competitive interest rates. It takes just three minutes to apply and get an instant credit decision.

Graduate School Loans

You’re positive about pursuing your advanced degree, now find a way to pay that you can be confident in too. Sure, a College Ave private loan can help you cover the costs of a postgraduate, masters, doctoral, or professional degree. But more than that, they provide flexible repayment options and never charge origination fees. The application takes just three minutes, and you’ll get a credit decision instantly.

Loan Consolidation/Refinance

Student loan refinancing with College Ave may seriously reduce your monthly payments and even the total cost of your loan. With low fixed or variable interest rates and no application or origination fees, College Ave has student loan refinancing options designed to reduce your stress level.

When Should You Take Out a Private Student Loan?

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Private student loans can make college a reality for many families, but when should you consider one?

First, students should submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) when they enroll in college. This is the first step to see what financial aid your family may qualify for including grants, scholarships, gift aid, and federal student loans. Once you’ve exhausted all your federal and free money options, then you can consider taking out a private student loan to pay for any remaining education-related expenses.

Student Loan Repayment Options

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When it’s time to repay your student loans, you might wonder what student loan repayment options are available. The answer is that it depends on whether your loans are federal or private student loans.

College Lessons for High School Parents

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Sending your child off to college is filled with many questions and often fear. While there is a long list of tasks to complete from choosing a school to choosing a major, many parents and students have gone through this process and can offer advice to you and your child. College Ave Student Loans, our private student loan partner, works with experts to create resources that help families prepare and pay for college. Click here to read advice and tips for parents of high school students.

How to Refinance Student Loans

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Refinancing student loans can simplify the loan payment process and possibly reduce your monthly payment or the total cost of your loan. But the process can be confusing. Our partner, College Ave Student Loans, put together a simple guide to help explain how refinancing student loans works.