Aligning Your Values and Purchasing Decisions

Anita Drentlaw

People are always asking me for recommendations: “Anita, what’s a good Lakeville family restaurant? Where should I get my oil changed in Prior Lake? Where should I go for a special gift for my sister-in-law?”

I never miss a beat because my answers are always the same: I keep my business small and local.

The simple act of providing a local recommendation can keep the economy alive in our communities, increase our choices, and support small businesses that contribute to environmental sustainability. It’s the reason why New Market Bank thrives in Elko New Market, Lakeville, and Prior Lake.

A kind word about our local bank is always appreciated. I’m incredibly thankful for the generations of customers who have opened bank accounts with us and recommended friends and family to open new bank accounts with us as well.

In turn, I always seek out small businesses in Lakeville, Prior Lake, Elko New Market, and the surrounding areas that share our bank’s core values:

Passion – Our team has a strong work ethic. We take the initiative, go the extra mile, and have fun.

Respect – We believe in teamwork. Our bank team members are loyal to one another and supportive to co-workers and customer needs.

Integrity – Customers can count on us to be trustworthy, honest, and fair, whether they’ve been with us for years or are just opening a new bank account.

Do I see these values portrayed in the local hardware store, bakery, and florist? Definitely. Do I see the same amount of customer and employee appreciation in large retail companies? Definitely not.

Don’t get me wrong; I’ve ventured out of my community. I’ve purchased gas outside of Elko New Market, Prior Lake, and Lakeville because it was nearby when my tank was low, and I’ve ordered from Amazon because it was easier. 

All in the name of convenience.

But what would happen to our local Prior Lake, Lakeville, and Elko New Market communities if everyone always bought online or purchased their gas, coffee, and mechanical work from big companies based outside of their city – for the sake of convenience?

  • There would be a loss of community uniqueness and character.
  • Businesses supporting local causes would be lost.
  • Fewer dollars would be kept in the local economy, with profits being diverted to locations where large companies are headquartered and to corporate shareholders.
  • There would be less competition for big companies and less diverse product supply.
  • We’d be left with homogenized corporate offerings with decisions made according to corporate policies and based on the best interests of shareholders.

Make sure this doesn’t happen to your local community. Patronize local businesses that align with your values. If you value community, where you bank and shop matters. Make it count. Make it local.

Pictured: Edelweiss Bakery in Prior Lake

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